FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Appointments and Scheduling


Can I customize my time slots?

Yes, Bookingware provides customizable booking calendar. You can define your own working hours, holidays, and time slots (15 minutes, 30 minutes etc.). You can also block certain time slots as per your requirements.


Can I manage my calendar manually?

Yes, you can manage online appointments manually to confirm, reschedule or modify existing appointments.


Does it work with my iPhone?

Yes, you (and your customers) can use any Smartphone with a modern browser and Internet connectivity to access Bookingware.


How many clients or appointments can I manage?

There is no limit to the number of clients or appointments that you can manage in Bookingware.


Can I store my customer information?

Yes, like appointments Bookingware allows you to view and organize customer information.


I am in pet care business. Will Bookingware work for me?

Yes, Bookingware provides all the features as well as customization options that you (or any business) needs to manage appointment bookings.